Olivier Dennler

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I am Olivier Dennler, a PhD student in bioinformatics in the Dyliss (IRISA) and Dymec (IRSET) teams under Nathalie Théret's supervision. My research focuses on the analysis of protein sequences, specifically analyzing functional motif sequences. In order to do so, I am combining conservation detection with phylogenetic techniques. It is the goal of my thesis to identify and characterize the functional motif of ADAMTS-TSL proteins by applying phylogenomic and sequence analysis methods. I enjoy visualizing my results, particularly using the Itol tool (Here is an example for 214 ADAMTS-TSL proteins).

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Science popularization

In 2020 I participated in the festival Sciences En Court[t]s with fellow Phd students and our short movie "Cha[t]plotype" about haplotyping won the public award. I was part of the organizing committee for the same festival in 2021.