Olivier Dennler

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I am Olivier Dennler, currently a a postdoctoral fellow at the UCD Cancer Data Lab (Ireland, University College Dublin), where my research centers around identifying potential therapeutic targets for cancer by integrating various types of data, particularly predicted protein structures. During my PhD in Rennes (France, Dyliss and Dymec teams), I extensively investigated the functional motifs of the ADAMTS-TSL protein family through sequence analysis, phylogenomics, and protein-protein interaction annotations. In my current work, I am dedicated to examining the structural similarity of paralogous proteins and exploring how structural analysis can assist in predicting synthetic lethal paralog pairs. Through the analysis of extensive datasets, my goal is to uncover therapeutic targets in cancer and gain insights into how genetic variations, including cancer-associated mutations, disrupt protein-protein interactions. Furthermore, driven by my passion for exploring the intricate relationships between protein sequences, structures, and functions, I am committed to studying cancer biology and contributing to the development of targeted therapeutic strategies.

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Science popularization

In 2020 I participated in the festival Sciences En Court[t]s with fellow Phd students and our short movie "Cha[t]plotype" about haplotyping won the public award. I was part of the organizing committee for the same festival in 2021.